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What are the Top Most Places to visit in Sundarban in 2023?

What are the Top Most Places to visit in Sundarban in 2023?

What are the Top Most Places to visit in Sundarban in 2023?

Sundarban tour is all about enjoying a trip in the Mangrove Forest with the best safety and the best possible comfortable arrangement. Sundarban Mangrove Forest is a wild spot; you can’t loiter in the forest without any plan. It is risky for your life and is not permissible by the Forest Department.

It is always safe to plan the trip beforehand. The Mangrove Forest and several exciting spots in the area are good to see and exciting for wildlife enjoyment. Here, the top places in Sundarban are mentioned, which you must include in your Sundarban tour plan to make the tour exclusive.


Sajnekhali Bird sanctuary: No matter if you love watching birds, the Sajnekhali bird sanctuary in the Sundarban forest will keep you happy and captivated. You can watch here a wide variety of birds of Indian origin or non-Indian origin. You can enjoy flocks of birds around the year and get overwhelmed by their natural beauty and liveliness.

According to the tourists, the road to the bird sanctuary is fantastic. Besides birds, the scenic beauty of the place is captivating. 

Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower: It is a net-enclosed bridge in the dense forest area where there is an excellent chance to spot wild animals, including the lethal beast- the Royal Bengal Tiger. There is a lovely water pond near the watchtower, which increase the opportunity to spot wild animals here who come to drink water, etc. According to Sundarban tourism, Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower is the most favorable place to have a glimpse of the king of the jungle.

SajnekhaliWatch Tower: Sajnekhali plays a vital role in Sundarban tour guide. Besides the bird sanctuary, you will find a watchtower, a convenient place to watch the dense forest around from the top. The watchtower can accommodate a maximum of 25 adult humans at a time. Besides the watchtower, you can visit the Crocodile Breeding Center and Mangrove Information Center to get other vibes about the mangrove forest. Also, you can see there the famous Bonbibi temple.

Netidhopani is one of the most significant places in Sundarbans that will offer you a historical feel, scenic beauty, and religious hang. You can enjoy the panoramic view of the forest from the top of a watch tower. There is a century-old Shiva temple at this spot, which locales respect a lot for their religious protection, etc. The site has a connection with Bengali folklore Manasamangal. A village walk is possible here with the help of a local guide.

Visiting the place is not easily accessible. You have to get permission from the Sajnekhali Eco Tourism range, which your tour operator can arrange while arranging the sundarban tour booking for you.

Sundarban Tiger National Park: Sundarban National Tiger Park is one of the most extensive mangrove Forests. It is a biosphere reserve, a national park, and a tiger safari enriched with a unique mangrove ecosystem. It is a UNESCO Heritage site. The presence of abundant Sundori Trees is the reason behind calling the forest Sundarban.

Unique flora, fauna, and nearby waterbodies are the natural attractions of this Mangrove Safari. Besides many animals like deer, fishing cats, macaques, leopard cats, Indian grey mongoose, wild boar, flying fox, pangolin, and Indian grey mongoose, the cynosure of the jungle is the Royal Bengal Tiger. You may get a chance to see the lethal beast here, or you may not see the big cat--- But it is believed that you will be under his surveillance once you step into the forest.

Unlike the other reserve forests in India, a jeep safari tour is not available in Sundarban. Instead, you can try a boat safari to view the dense core area of the forest from a safe distance on the riverbed. 

Henry Island:  It is a small island near Sundarban. The place is clad with a unique biodiversity that often looks similar to Sundarban. You can enjoy the sea beach or visit the local fisheries here. There are almost 50 ponds that are used for fish farming.

Bhagabatpur Crocodile Project

Bhagabatpur Crocodile Project is a hatchery ground for saltwater crocodiles, positioned next to LothianIsland; it is an extensively visited tourist spot in Sundarbans. Fenced by coastal mangroves, with a peaceful feel and natural beauty, this crocodile conservation area is worth visiting. A visit will help you to explore and learn a lot about saltwater crocodiles: Bhagabatpur Crocodile Project is the only crocodile project in the entire West Bengal, and it is easy to reach via Sajnekhali jetty.

These are the best places to visit in Sundarban. However, according to your tour package plan, you should plan the best Sundarban tour itineraries with your Sundarbon tour operator.

Gosaba: It was the ideal village as planned and executed by Sir Daniel Hamilton. Sir Hamilton started a Co-operative as village promotion program in Gosaba. There is a bungalow of BecanSaheb in Gosaba.

Burirdabri Watch Tower:The Burirdabri watch tower is well-known for the exclusive mud walk and mangrove cage trail toward view point known as Raymongal. You can enjoy the views of Bangladesh on the other side of the river Raymongal. This watch tower can accommodate at the maximum of 15 persons at a time.

Summing up:

Now you know the best places to visit in sundarban. You have to hire a tour plan which arranges safe and comfortable Kolkata to sundarban and sundarban to Kolkata transit facility with accommodation in Sundarban so that you can enjoy your Sundarban Wildlife Tourismwith the best comfort and security. 

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