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Get the Ultimate Wildlife Experience in Sundarban

Get the Ultimate Wildlife Experience in Sundarban

Get the Ultimate Wildlife Experience in Sundarban

The wildlife experience in Sundarban is the prime attraction of a Sundarban tour. The experience is divided into bird watching, watchtower visits, mud walks, boating tours, and many more. However, the itineraries of a sundarban tour depend on your vacation length, budget, availability of the travel slots, etc. 

We all know Sundarban as the most significant Mangrove Forest positioned on the delta of the river trio. The contributing rivers are The Ganges, Brahmaputra, and Padma (Meghna); however, the Sundarban safari is the home of some extinct species of animals, including the Royal Bengal Tiger. Although the forest is the abode of the fierce Bengal Tiger, there is no guarantee that you will get a glimpse of the king of the jungle. But you can visit the most prospective places to try your luck to get a glimpse of the big cat. 

Watchtower Tours

The Watchtower tour is one of the most unpredictable but exciting Wildlife Experiences in Sundarban. These watchtowers are safe windows from where you can watch the wildlife with complete safety and stress-free comfort. There are many watchtowers in the Sundarban Safari. Some of these towers are located in the core area of the forest. 

Some of the most famous watch towers are Sajnekhali tower, Sudhanyakhali watch Tower, BurirDabri Watchtower, DoBanki Tower, Netadhopani Tower, etc. All these towers are constructed to accommodate a maximum of 20-25 individuals at a time. Highly built up from the ground, these towers provide a panoramic view of the forest. The experience of watchtowers is unpredictable because you don’t know what is next in front of your eyes, but the watch tower tour is an exciting part of the Wildlife tour in Sundarban.

Bird watching in Sundarban

Bird watching is aunique Wildlife Experience in Sundarban. The Mangrove Forest is heaven for bird watchers. The place is the home of almost 428 bird species, according to the research result of the Zoological Survey of India (done in 2021). The most common bird species seen here are Herons, Egrets, Cormorants, Storks, Green Pigeons, Sand Pipers, Large and Small Spoonbills, Darters, Seagulls, Teal, Partridges, a great variety of Wild Geese, and Ducks.

Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary is the best place for bird-watching in Sundarban. The best time for enjoying bird watching is between December and February; however, people can visit the sanctuary around the year for bird watching.

Boat Safari

Wildlife attractions in Sundarban

If you are a wild enthusiast and you have visited sanctuaries in Indian or abroad before, jeep safari is a general term for you. But hardly you have heard about boar safari, which you can try in Sundarban mangrove Forest. The boat safari remains available throughout the year except for the Monsoon season.

The entire area experiences two times of tide cycles. During the high tide, seawater reaches the core areas of the mangrove Forest, where the king of the jungle primarily resides. During the high tide time, boatmen of Sundarban can take you to the core areas of the forest by their boats so that you can watch those forbidden areas from the water bed of the rivers or the canals.

The boat safari is allowed only in the daytime, and it is permitted only up to sunset every day. After sunset, no boating is allowed in the Sundarban Mangrove Forest area.

Mud walks in the dense forest

Mud walks in Sundarbon, which is a wild forest, may seem to you a fancy idea, but in reality you can try it, which is also with full-proof safety.At Burirdabri watch tower,  there is an excellent arrangement of mud walks, which you can enjoy during your tour with the best protection but with the unmatched thrill of walking on Sundarbans muddy surface. It is a unique wildlife experience in Sundarbanthat you can always frame in your mind—a lifetime memory.

A mud walk or a canopy walkisin high demand in Sundarban.These two are unique Safari-walks you can enjoy amongst a dense forest.A mud walk is setthru a net-protected area. It is arranged in a way so you can get the hang of the forest feel standing on the ground; A canopy walk is set on a robust bridge-like structure above the ground, which is covered with a strong net, and it looks like a canopy to offer you an aerial view of the forest. However, only experienced tour operators can provide you with the privilege of canopy walk and mud walk. 

Luxury accommodation in the sundarban wildlife resort

YourWildlife Experiences in Sundarbancan never reachtheir best unless you book your accommodation in a luxury wildlife resort. In Sundarban, Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort is one of the best wildlife resorts that is located on the bank of the river Datta.

The resort offers the best arrangement of urban facilities and a natural ambiance that will provide you with the pure pleasure of enjoying the beauty of nature from its close vicinity but with the best comfort and safety of a luxurious establishment.    The Sundarban Tiger Roar Resort is a couple-friendly, tourist-friendly, family resort where you can enjoy your forest tour with the best pleasure and satisfaction.

Summing up:

You can enjoy the Ultimate Wildlife Experience in Sundarban when you book your Mangrove Forest tour with an experienced and organized Sundarban tour operator with enough experienceto conduct the Forget tour successfully. For instance, you may try your Mangrove tour with Sundarban Wildlife Tourism. For booking or tour assistance, you may call 062908 65651/9831102832. Also, you may book a wildlife Photography Tour with this tour operator. Your tour will be organized and safe to enjoy the best peace of mind and thrill at heart.

To learn more about Sundarban Tour under different packages and other tour-related information, you may browse https://sundarbantours.in.

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