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Here’s What You Should Know About The Sundarban Tourism Package

Here’s What You Should Know About The Sundarban Tourism Package

Here’s What You Should Know About The Sundarban Tourism Package

A Sundarban tour is one of the most popular ones among the masses. People wish to discover this wonderful location every time they get an option to go for a short tour. This tour not only provides you with a much-needed break from your work life but also helps you relax and admire all the awe-inspiring things nature has in store for you. 

If you are planning to go for a tour to Sundarbans you must be clear about the overall package price. Here you can get to know all such details about the Sundarban tourism package. Most tour operators offer a one-night, two-day, or two-night and three-day tour to Sundarban. The amenities offered in these different types of packages can differ. This difference is based on the price range of the entire tour. 

For instance, if you book a one-day holiday you will get to visit the Sajnekhali Museum, Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower, and a few other top locations. Snacks along with tea will also be offered to you on this trip. All this will be available to you for about 3000 rupees per person. Likewise, there are several other trip plans that you can explore and choose the most suitable Sundarban tourism package for yourself. 

Know About The Correct Sundarban Tour Package Price And Type 

Based on accommodation, food, jungle, and village visits your trip price range is finalized. An attractive offer can certainly push you to embark on a memorable journey to the Sundarbans. To make your holiday an overall success you must be clear with your tour preference. No one trip package has got the attention of the masses. As per your budget and the most preferred choices regarding food, facilities, and accommodation, you can select the most favorable trip package for your trip. 


Get A Brief Idea About The Most Sought-After Sundarban Tourism Package 

Here you can learn about the most sought-after Sundarban trip price range and other facilities. Following are the holiday packages that might attract you. 

  • One Night Two Day Package- The top locations that you will visit in this one-night two-day trip offer will include Esplanade. From here you will head onto P.C Chandra Garden and later in the day, you will be arriving at Gothkhali Jetty. 

After this, your trip will further move to Gomor and witness the beautiful locations. For this vacation, you will be required to carry your identity proof and passport to get permission to visit the forest. The Sundarban tour 1 night 2 days package cost will be around 5000 rupees per person. You can get a wonderful view of the Sundarban Tiger Reserve and the Sudhyakhali Watch Tower. Along with these locations, you can also be provided packed meals during this holiday tour. 


  • Two Nights and Three-Day Package- In this holiday package, you can have almost the same route as you have in the one-night and two-day packages. The difference can be in the price range which can be based on the amenities. Another attraction of this vacation is the Tribal dance performances that you get to witness. Rabindranath Tagore’s Bungalow visit, Mangrove Interpretation Center, and Jungle Safari are some of the top highlights of this tour. 

With the visit to these places, you can get to have breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner on your trip. For all this, you are expected to pay an amount of around 6000 rupees per person. You might like to compare the Sundarban tour 1 night 2 days package cost with a two-night and three-day vacation. To get these details you can consult top trip organizers and get the best deals. 


  • Three Nights and Four-Day Package- Would you like to stretch your weekend tour for a couple of days? If yes, this three-night and four-day package will certainly suit you. A canopy walk at one of the most chosen and liked WatchTower- Dobanki Watch Towers is what you will get on this trip. After this, you will be heading towards the Sundarban Tiger Reserve Forest and experiencing the lush greenery and peace in this particular location. Sundarban tour package price for this trip can be around 9500 rupees per person. Village of Jamespur, and Netidopani WatchTower, are some of the top attractions of this trip. 

Fresh breakfast, hot lunch, and of course delicious dinner meals will be provided to you on this tour. 

What Else You Should Know About The Sundarban Tourism Package? 

 If you have prepared yourself to embark on this journey, then you are almost ready to experience nature’s breathtaking beauty and captivating wonders of the Sundarbans. From visiting elegant and lavish locations to experiencing local craft work, there are way too many attractions for this trip. All you have to do is select the right trip organizers, take care of the documents you need to carry, and also be well aware about the safety protocols that should be followed by you.

If you are excited to ditch your routine life with an enthralling experience like this, plan your Sundarban tourism package today. 

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